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A Guide To Post Traumatic Growth - "To Know Oneself"

Preface ~  I have come to understand that much of my fear and anxiety was my constant worry that I would loose Denise, my sweetheart, by some kind of medical disease or death, She had an enormous need to be perfect in every way of life - obsessively, Our son, Steven John Wesley, was seen as being "obsessive compulsive" when he was in high school. He is now a practicing psychiatrist, in Burlington, Ontario.  
I love both of them and miss them ~ Don Wesley 
It takes a long time "To Know Oneself"
I also asked for the best they could do.

A Guide To Post Traumatic Growth - Feature Documentary

Published on Feb 20, 2015
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a potentially devastating condition brought on by trauma. This can be from the stress of war, shootings, catastrophic burns, loss of a child, paralyzing accidents, athletic injuries, emotional trauma or financial ruin.

I directed this award-winning, feature-length documentary to try and help those suffering with PTSD find their way out. The film doesn't feature my advice. It is powerfully told by 10 survivors of horrific trauma and their families. Together, they list 17 guidelines back to health, happiness and a prosperous life. After escaping PTSD's brutal grip, they offer practical, crucial advice for millions of trauma victims, their families and friends worldwide. Learn more at
Executive Producer: Shane Krider. Produced and Directed by Greg

Strom. Edited by Neil Sandilands.

"Borderline "Discussion"

HOme less

Friday, November 27

Depression Years - Cooking - Homeless - Surviving 2008 thru to 2015

Depression Years - Cooking - Homeless - Surviving 
The Great Depression Cooking - Depression Breakfast

They were beautiful years for me: but was only s 1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8, 9. 10 years old.

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In 2009, it became Depressing for me at 17 degrees-Centigrade [below 0], to sleep and eat in My Car in Canada ~ Ottawa  the Capital.
It got down to 23 below in February 2015
From 2009 until October 15, of 2015 I was Homeless.
I am 82 years old.

Money wise, it was gasoline or food at Tim Hortons,
I was rich when I was 77.

I really enjoyed watching this

Don 1935

New York City 1929

Eleanor 1943 

Don ~ Grandpa and Sebastian 2007 

Don at Camp Borden ~ Basic Training 1952

Don ~ Homeless ~ As a Paying Guest ~ Chesterville Ontario ~ 2014 

Mother Circa 1929

Don ~2014

Don and 2 of His 3 Boys ~ Circa 1954

My Half Brother ~ Doulas ~ 1942

My Father ?  ~ 1917

My Hand ~ Hoping - 2013

Don ~ 2007

Don ~ 2913 ~ Hope Gone

Queen Elizabeth The Second 1953
I received Her Commission as An Officer
Prepared for the Korean War and the Cold War

Don with His Dad who Hugged Don

Don in Paterson New Jersey 1943

Clara 93 years old

Why did they sell My Family Home without my approval ?

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They had their own Property and didn't  need the place  I used to work. I bought and paid for this House and Land in 1969. My work was creating Intellectual-Know-How which I sold for my living.

IBM Executive Education

Don at the Signal Corps - Kingston Ontario
 Tim Hortons Lighting Louvers by Don

 Lighting Louvers Manufactured by Don Wesley

Sir George Williams College - Concordia University Montreal
Don at far right 1953