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God is in us now - like Dark Mattter in the Universe. 85 percent of our brain commincates over magnetic fields

This is so very beautiful and is about to change our ideas about the fundamental power of God: using invisible magnetic primer fields.
May 6, 2015.   [Don Wesley}

Hi and welcome to best science lesson released, that should lead us to seeing God even deeper than we already do.
Just watch: no math needed.

Hi,     ----------------
My name is Don. To enjoy life and not just your birthday; improve yourself by the minute. When you know enough, God will open the front gates to his heaven.
 Given what we now know about... Light and our Loving awareness,
I feel the nudge of God... urging me use a spot light on this highest source of energy. It seems we need to activate our Pineal Gland every 24 hours, to receive the Energy which is freely available.
Published on Dec 17, 2012

In this video series the currently accepted theories of physics and astrophysics are shaken to the core by a radical new theory of the fundamental forces in all matter.
You will be amazed as a magnetic model of the dome at CERN is used to create a 100 mm diameter plasma Sun with a 300 mm diameter equatorial disc of plasma around it!
All the plasma videos are actual footage with no enhancement or manipulation other than speed. In other words, this is real thing.
 Hard to believe, but it is all true.


Free - Men - Revealed Friday 13 - 2015 - A new edition - by Don

I lost all my wealth to
"night-light robbers " in 2009
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"Thinker" Stories.. follow this link below.

 In 1992....
I joined the Freemasons {25 years ago}
 and left 3 years later; somewhat disappointed; because  I saw a bit of corruption.

What I learned during following years .... while away from my lodge, is that corruption and embezzlement is everywhere like weeds in the farmers fields. One never stops clearing out the weeds. However when our Courts of Law,,, embezzled my property from me, I immediately and intuitively knew that too many men are like weeds, and nasty Microbes we can never see with even microscopes. They hide from our sight ... just like God keeps his eye on us with His caring love.
We come to know; via older brothers and historians, that these weedy creatures have been around for thousands of years; wicked men as the bible says. A stronger word is evil men.
On the positive side of freemasonry
[not masonary] there are many good men who do help make a man more... comfortable when he needs a helping hand. When I came to Ottawa, to escape from some of the Cultural Marxism of Quebec,  ....  several Freemasons delivered to me, what I needed most; a repaired new car to sleep-in; Remember, I was moved from my own artfully completed home[30 years of art work] to a state of Homelessness; all in less than 30 minutes, in 2009 July 31.

For me.... this has been a State of torture; which is ongoing for me. God wants me to travel and write about what is going right now!
It is now February 13 (Friday) 2015.
Not one cent has been returned to me.

Not one family member is brave enough to see in me and see God looking back at them. 

The Courts to, have "secretly" helped in embezzling all my wealth: which  I earned all my 82 years on this earth.
 I started to earn real cash when was 8 and 9 during the years of WW2. In my teen years I walked by the Montreal Masonic Temple on Sherbrook Street. In this secret beautilful building is a Holy Temple blessed by God.

It is a very special place for men who truly reveal their awareness... that God is already in them: like dark matter in outer space:  He is 85 % of our brain matter called 'Glia cells'. The other 15 % is simply digital technology: a computer, a huge one and 
a very fast one; which communicates with its 15%. These fibers are mylinated over the first 20 years. Their speed increases 50 times.

The 85% however.... covers the whole of Gods creation and receives from it and broadcast to it, without electric wiring !

All masonic men, should show signs that their awareness of God-with
in is growing,   
Not to grow more aware, is a Vice that needs to become a beautiful Virtue.

So all good men; find a Lodge you are comfortable in, and you are ready to do the daily exchanging of your vices for virtues: a gift from God.... a pleasure. Good men are made better,
See me at

I'm helping you now.... and
I will help you even more... to find a way to knowing, the secrets of growing wise. Four cardinal virtues have been know for centuries. The full knowledge hangs on the hinges of the four virtues. The more you know the faster you grow. The world is a big place to know.

 Freemasonry is not an Evil Secret Society as too many in the world would have you believe.

However the infinite power of Devil is around us just like God. He too is part of the 85% of the Glia cell; biological cells, with properties of a "Cell phone."
Now you are getting to really know God.
When we walk through the world as One:

We will take Christ down from the Cross.

The only secret is in your own heart; be the person you are meant to be. Don't complete with some else: just grow bigger than you now are.
Measure and know yourself . The most rewarding car is the one you own. Keep it shape and it run for ever being  certain of its abilities; just like being certain of Gods great presence in each of us.
We are equal in this sense. Equal access to the 85%: but must learn to use it all and even more.
When the tank is empty, fill it by meditating several more hours each night. Don't fill it, and then you live as simple empty human. Even a flower sleeps. The microbes within us can sleep for years and waken and unseen and become a pathogen which kills. Rats deprived of sleep start dying in five days. But some birds can fly from Alaska to New Zealand in 7 days without sleep; they cannot stop and get wet... for they drown, when wet!
Sleep is like food....
a mystery. We masonic men can travel from lodge to lodge all over world.

The same processing can be seen in infinite 'minds' housed in our brains which get old. Our Brains are one size, Our minds are infinite and not one size. Honor what is growing bigger, minute, and be prudent, fearless and lead others. Get rid of the weeds; the evil devil keeps growing, second by second.

He too has infinite powers of growing. Fight him with men in your lodge. Keep on nudging them to grow. Their women will love the.
All men have the Glia cells; they are always  receiving and broadcasting via waves of Light, all available as your own engine of Energy, in your own mind.
Use words as swords and healing hands to comfort those who need to flush away the wicked microbes. [weeds]
The Grand Architect Above created a magnetic universe for us to use the fields... to resonate in.  Power from God; always there. You talk with him while you drive with him. Speak to Him wirelessly as we now can do!
Believe you can do it because:  He is already in you.
Let this become your reason for living; working for all with God, side by side to make everyone in the world truly comfortable.
Good bye for now and until soon,
The older men get more powerful than they are now; and they grow so much faster than younger men and women..... filled with greater wisdom and prudence. They know how to adapt to wise old bodies. Remember they are three, body, mind and sprit. And also know that the old can see more of you than you can see of them: Don't mess with them.  Use the 85% completely and be equal. Only God and the Devil set the limits of the circles we live. These circles are now growing rapidly. These circles are Islands here on our planet. Just like islands of Greece.
God will give you a wider circle of freedom, when he can trust that you will teach and use his 10 commands.


Wednesday, May 27

MMS ON TRIAL - A Message from Jim Humble


The Wish

This documentary short introduces us to 8-year-old identical twins as they explore their family background. Filmed by the twins' father at their grandparents' lakeside cottage, The Wish is a lyrical study of childhood and family roots.


Children of Alcohol - National Film Board of Canada.

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In the relaxed environment of a mountain campsite, a group of young people discuss their anger and frustration, and talk about their struggle to cope with the problems created by their parents' drinking.
By sharing their experiences, they open a door for others like them.
Aimed primarily at an audience of elementary school children and older, this film provides an excellent vehicle for generating discussion about alcohol abuse and the family