Thursday, July 28

Peter Canepari - He Signed My Marriage Certificate - with Denise Wesley

Peter Canepari

Peter Canepari  -   He Signed  My Marriage Certificate - with Denise Wesley

Peter Canaepari

Denise Wesley

What makes a Mind Aliment

Don Wesley

The Older we get: Our Memories get very sharp and in Detail

Published on Sep 19, 2014

Wednesday, July 27

Emotional Toddler

Their compassionate young daughter gets adorably emotional

Denise Wesley (Prevost) RIP ~ My Sweetheart - Soul-Mate


She had BPD and Doctor Lundell, said I was close to having BPD

Don in Happier days

I'm here to be with Her.


I am very Sad ~ 2016 - 07 - 27

Denise, was and is my Angle.
And she suffered from Borderline Disorder.


Tuesday, July 26

The Psychopath Among Us - Egomaniac Documentary



Blood On Her Hands - Tracie Andrews Documentary

Tracie Andrews Documentary

Published on Sep 28, 2015

Real crime docu-drama about road rage killer in Birmingham.
Tracie Andrews shot to notoriety in 1996 after murdering her fiance, Lee Harvey. After claiming that she and he were victims of road rage, it later emerged that Tracie had stabbed Lee 42 times in cold blood.

Blood on her Hands depicts the story of Tracie and Lee leading up to the fatal night, including reconstructions and interviews with family members.