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Deadly Women - The Sacred Bond

I need to know why my family broke apart. What kills in the families ?

Published on Jul 29, 2015



Donald Scott - Modeling Birkeland Currents, Part 1

Spiritually thinking; we leave this world, via waves of light and not atom matter.

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Published on Jan 11, 2015
Don Sctt, author of Electric Sky, made two major presentations at the EU Workshop, Nov 14-16, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. The first detailed how “polar configurations” are formed in space.
Lacking familiarity with electrical phenomena in plasma, astronomers typically list these Herbig-Haro objects as “poorly understood.”
Don’s second talk will illustrate the relationship between Birkeland Currents and counter-rotating shells, to show how they form such polar phenomena as Earth’s cylindrical auroral sheets and Saturn’s north polar


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Life after death and how we get there.


Life after death

How we get there



The violin, and my dark night of the soul - Ji-Hae Park

 Published on May 24, 2013 
In her quest to become a world-famous violinist, Ji-Hae Park fell into a severe depression. Only music was able to lift her out again -- showing her that her goal needn't be to play lofty concert halls, but instead to bring the wonder of the instrument to as many people as possible.

Your gifts from God - Do you really know what he has sent you, to use?

There is no video here to distract your eyes from reading my message to you all. I'm only a tiny spec, but still called a father.
This alone gives us tiny father's; His power to write notes to his children to see with their own eyes. They will be parents to, with rules to follow.
This is one simple story to recall every time you connect to Him and each other.
At the very bottom of my notes, a video is a present for you all to see. the gift I hope you see in yourself. Don't peek until next Christmas.

As a youngster in school, I was aware that something was making me different from other kids.

My father wasn't living with my Mother, since 1938 Christmas; that is one thing I could see. Italian and Japanese kids didn't mention their fathers!
But more than absent fathers.... I was still very different.
One day in grade three my teacher, Ms. Gaully, figured out I needed glasses.

But even with glasses I was still deferent from kids with fathers at home.
Was I slow learner; I didn't think so. I had the best marks in the class and the best behaviour. It remained a mystery for me until my last year in high school. I was in the top science class and still a very quiet student. I was absent 30% of the year and rather scared about not graduating  from high school.
One day my class room teacher, Mr. Graham and our Math teacher, suddenly announced to the whole class "Don is a slow learner!" I jumped up and shouted at him "I'm not a slow learner!" The whole class and Mr. Graham were silent, for days. How could he battle with me?  I graduated with the top marks in Science, math and literature. 

I'm reviewing all my steps in life now, to find the final answer of knowing who I am.  As the old words of wisdom shout out "Know thyself and find God in you"
This is where I still am at this hour. Information I have found is valuable for other souls who ponder this issue.

My Dad was there with  me.
What 10% of us have; is the precious gift from God "Dyslexia"

Wow! What is "Dyslexia"? Boys are most, who have this learning gift?
I'm 82 now and learning by the hour. As humans, we are a very complex telephone machine with billions and billions of connections being made every second and never a wrong number called. The wiring cells we are born with stay in our head until death parts us from who see now. This is a huge system of telephone connections guaranteed to last a real lifetime. And.. it still adds new connections as they needed, with no "operators" needed.

By the end of High School I entered the Military Science Education course.
At 19 I became an young Officer in the Signal Corps of Canada. Why did this path happen?

Never did I plan this to happen.
With all those telephone connection in my head, no one ever give me directions.
How did I get to where I am now?

Something is happening I don't control!
Is my dad who just watched me and left home when I was a kid at my first birthday controlling me. I was born on Easter Monday, April 17, 1933.
My brother Vincent, said, the first minute I met him " God sent you to me"
He was the Professor of Geo-Physic at McGill University and talking about a hidden God!

Is this brain mechanism the way life works in all of us?
By the age of 25 I was the biological father of Chris who I adopted.
I was determined to find answers to all my unanswered questions.

Together I taught him to keep looking for hidden connections in the Universe.
By the age of 30, I married and had one more child who was also another mystery.
The name I gave him was Steven John Wesley.
He was the child I needed and planned to help create him for all to see him. This was my most solemn decision I ever made in my whole life. Part of a process of married life.
I wanted to study him in a

petri-dish: impossible of course. I was forced to keep him in cage, where he stood waiting for me and sucked the thumb.
Our eye contact was splendid love.
To be happy 'big time' ... we need eye contact with the whole family in our own village.

Steven's GranDad was also a big part of my investigation.
Remember that eye contact is a necessary component of happiness.
Without eye contact....
Lethal loneliness starts.


These days were the most happy days of my life and my whole family and my wife's family.
We were part of the One big planet God created.

Three questions still are un-answered for me at this moment in time.

1)  Why are fathers the visual messengers when we have a head full of telephone connections?
2) Is Dyslexia the missing hidden connection in the Chain of connections in our own heads?
3) Are telephone connections, insufficient, but more complete with eye contact?
She has sad eyes that had no need
for keeping the connections connected.
She was disconnected or as the doctors call it

The cure, "reconnect." Don
Partnerships is a decision we all make and know about; and it is all about "Eye Contact"
She didn't die, but She left me alone - a lethal blow to me.The chain of happy eye contacts was broken.
Our first father told us....
Never brake the chain of connections between the heads of family men.


Denise, is still God's gift to me and I remain God's gift to her.
Only God can take back these gifts; but never will. That is what he promises now. No matter how you enjoy the devil' gifts, God keeps his promise to us.
This a lesson I learned as a child. At 82, I'm still a learning child: one of billions without a teacher in eye-contact with me. I seem to need more of Him every minute. What I do know about the Devil are his gifts. He gives us them only when we sleep in His Hotel, with someone.
When you leave His Hotel, he finds other tricky gifts for you to rent; guest gifts, they are know as.

So, a simple thought from the Devil caused the depression, Denise felt.
Just one thought from an unknown Devil. He gives us these gifts while in His Hotel. When we rent the room with a lease; he no longer gives us gifts.

Our first father knew this might happen. He told us to put the Devil back in his cage and our depressed states would leave instantly!
This I have learned is true. Every time he temps you into his Hotel, simply command him to return to the cage God gave him to live. rent free. 

He goes there very quickly. He fears being homeless.
Homelessness is real hell and I have experienced this once and one more has just arrived.

So, reach into your head and use the gift God sent your baby boys which the Devil called a learning disability.
This was a signal from God, that His One Big Family had to learn.
He hides His precious gifts in words, we must solve.

The secret.... is eye contact. The Dyslexia child and adult keeps eye-contact with the whole big family who can all feel happiness  nfinitely.
One dimension keeps growing infinitely. Multiply this diameter by pie and other prime numbers and one big hotel will never run out of rooms. Call this Hotel "Happy" [rooms always available]

Enough for today and

I have always fished for Good men
for good women.
Don Wesley 1933

Until very soon.
Don. [one of the many fathers who know parts of the big puzzle]