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The Future is Rushing In

The Future is Rushing In

Don with His wife's Parents

The Future is Coming 
Published on Jun 29, 2016
Technology has changed almost every aspect of the way humans live, and it's not about to stop. From virtual reality at home to the on-demand economy to artificial intelligence, the forces behind technological change are only accelerating. That's according to Kevin Kelly, author of "The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future."

The co-founder of Wired magazine joins The Agenda to lay out a road map for the future.

A Female with Borderline Disorder Symptoms ~ Attacks Her Husband.

(The Victim ~ Lyndon Fawcett)

 A TRUE Story by Don Wesley

My 2 Sons

My Denise - BPD

Me - Another Older Victim; helping Lyndon Fawcett

A Female with Borderline Disorder Symptoms. 
Attacks Her Husband.

The Husband was attacked by his wife.

April 11, 2016. Past midnight   By Don Wesley

1)  While He was sleeping, she cut herself and then called the police  911, to say he cut her.

2)  This happened In Ottawa. April 10, 2016.

I met Him in Winchester Tim Hortons, just about Midnight. We  were strangers.

4) He had paid $90.00 for a Taxi to drive him to Hortons.

5) He was waiting for his Aunt Maria to pick him up.

6) He appeared very anxious waiting for his aunt.

7)  I  felt his unease, and asked why he was so anxious. His reply was part of the sentences above.

8)  Given my experience and empathy I suggested and he accepted my experienced help.  He expressed his appreciation several times. He seemed compassionate.

9)  He is 40 with 3 children and his wife according to him has a very serious drinking problem.

10)  I drove him to his aunt at 12413 Barkley Road, Williamsburg.

11) His wife,  by calling the police resulted that He was charged by the Ottawa Police

12)  He was taken to the Ottawa City Police Station, where a Detective had a Conversation with Him and then asked Questions. He denied that, He even touched his wife.
He was sleeping before she arrived

13) The husband has objective evidence , that she drinks and is very argumentative.

14) He has pictures of Her bite marks on His leg and ankle.

15) He has evidence over 8 years of being together.
3 children , the oldest is 11.

16)  His wife brought the children to her mother and returned to tell her husband to leave.

17) He, having no place go except to is aunts home. A $90.00 Taxi drive to Winchester.

18) He says he was fed up with her arguments and admittedly feeling annoyed. Always self controlled annoyance

19) My conclusion, based upon serious study since 2000, is that His wife was abused as a child [Trauma] and has all the symptoms of Borderline Disorder - with the usual  


20)  Their children are also at risk with his wife; she could kill them or injure them in some less permanent way

21) These injured women, have an impulse control problem.

22) They are very dangerous, many studies reveal this true.

23) Many more studies, can reveal that Husbands are seeing injustice hit them; financially, morally and psychologically.

24) These psychic injuries are being seen by Family Doctors as PTSD. This is a long term injury caused by someone other than the victim.  It makes the victim too anxious.

-See ....


26)   The police charge itself,
is one more traumatic attack !
Why are police attacking Him instead of defending Him?

27)  He works in the Construction Industry when the weather permits.
28)  His wife was arguing with His co-worker this April 10, same evening. The argument seemed too serious.

29)  He asked His co-worker to leave; so he did.

30)  This all fits those Who have been abused as a children.
This is the Borderline Disorder set of symptoms.  

30) They were all drinking.

Here are some lessons about
BPD and Impulse Control.

The Men Going Their Own Way - MGTOW - Nikola Tesla

Published on Dec 12, 2013

Nikola Tesla invented the modern electrical system and the radio and remote control. But he was also a MGTOW and never married.
He didn't want to be with women that were behaving like men. And so he stayed single his entire life, living in a state of intellectually induced asexuality.

Since 2008 - MGTOW - When my wife left me - I was 77.

“To remain Soul-mates, requires touching and hugging each other all day long and every day”

“Soul-mates, requires touching
and hugging each other all day long and every day”

Denise Wesley

Don Wesley