Wednesday, November 26

Mary, Did You Know? [Live] This inspires me ... Don Wesley

The Season when God is really here with his Reindeers'
He brought His Son with Him

We called God... Santa Claus.

Hi and welcome to my Blog and Diary November 27, 2014.
My name is Don. The way I think, feel and behave... changes during the Merry-Christmas time. When I was 10, in 1944, we were in the midst of war; it seemed with whole world.

Seven years later joined the military and became an Officer at 19.
Did I experience "altered states of mind" ? When I talk, using different metaphors for each season; some would say I seemed crazy. What I know about myself, is that I just plain "real and love everyone".

December 22, 2013.

Next to her being here with me.This will do!
She knows who she is!
Mother to my Children.
A Perfect Mother.
A Perfect Wife and Lover.
Do You Know who she is?

This music has the magic to create streams of tears from the audience.
It has the same effect on me.

Our Precious Son
Steven John Wesley
I never ever knew anyone,
who worked so hard to become some one who heals!

He was a professional student
and got the 100 percent,
he needed to succeed. 

He is a psychiatrist now. 

This is me, Don, with my Dad in 1934
A complicated time in history.
It made me, a complicated kid to understand.

To this day I'm even more complex.


Tuesday, November 25

Islands of Heavens here on our Earth. I have included visions of Hell to sharpen the differences

November 24, 2014
This is my personal view of where Heaven truly exists. We are in the future now.  

Hi and welcome into my Blog Home. My name is Don and work full time for Him. In this post I'm trying to edify Heavenly behaviour with Sinful behavior,
Too many of us think sin as murder or un-approved sexual behaviour.

What about deception, a simple little lie. It is the source of corruption and complex embezzlement plans.
Please enjoy watching what was close to me to use.

You can learn more about the work I do for Him.
It maybe all the psychotherapy you need and very in-expensive to use to heal.

Imagine ....
A)  Heaven is a Net-work of Islands here on Earth and we need boats to survive
B)  There are Evil Island Net-works also and we have work to do. C)  We plan and build our own home to retire in...
the screens we install to keep the Prince of Darkness out have a short life time and can be removed by his agents of change
D)  Net-Works of Islands
Island Heaven Number 1


Island Heaven Number 2

Island Heaven Number 3   

More Islanders' are showing up...
Millions More Islands and Billions of ....   affectionate people.

Island Heaven Number 4   

This Island - My Wife's Family It was Our Heaven then.
But she left her Partner alone!
I took the pictures then.
Notice how happy they were  back then

Island Heaven Number 3 

What is being said about Islands of Heaven here on Earth. 
A very polite conversation here in Heaven like atmosphere.
Island Heaven Number 6   

Island Heaven Number 7

  Island Hell Number 1


Island Heaven Number 8   
 Injured Minds in Heaven
This video is a victim.  

Number 9
A second try for the Injured mind/

Number 10

More  Heaven-Islands Coming

Killing Lazarus - Kill for fun

Hi and welcome into my Blog and Diary. My name is Don.
I have studied Science since I entered High School (Grade 8) I graduated in grade 11. Our study covered Natural and Social Science and Literature. During those years we also had Bible Lessons.

During those years we took Oath's; not to lie... may God strike you dead.
Since I believed in God I chose never to lie. To this day, I love Denise Wesley and forgive her sins. A minister I went to, prayed for a miracle "to see us re-marry" 
My religion was Presbyterian Protestant.
I continued on and went on to study Military Science and received the Military Officers Commission, in 1952 at the age of 19. The Military is very serious and to be an Officer,
you must be very Smart and must Follow Orders. In the Common Wealth, we were there to Defend, and if necessary to kill an enemy who didn't stop at the border of one our Nations, like Australia or Canada etc.  

In 1962 I met Denise Prevost, a very smart young woman of Catholic Faith.
She worked for a Lawyer (Paul Gelinas) who was part of the Defense team for a women who shot and killed her husband. The woman was arrested and tried for murder.

Denise was very proud of Paul Gelinas for getting Mrs. Beaty to be found innocent.
In 1964 Denise and I were married in a Catholic Church (The Vatican Pope)
Together we raised three boys. We seemed to create beauty for years; seen by others who knew our family well. When the boys entered their high school years; two in catholic and one in protestant, our little family dysfunction began. As good people we went for family psychoanalyzing. The three boys and me used a Military Veterans psychiatrist, Dr. Lundell. Doctor Lundell, who met Denise, told me "Denise is going to kill you" I didn't believe him. Years later, when both her parents were dead, I was told the "family secret". Denise was abused as child.  From the day her mother died Denise became a stranger and hated me. I truly became frightened of her new personality.
I began to use the internet to find case studies of people who turn to Murder. The internet, is  far from being a Social Science College.
After 47 years of Marriage (still acceptable) she began her killing process. A Child of Rage - it is called/

This week I found on YouTube  -  Killing Lazarus - Kill for fun.
You will be amazed, finding out how long it can take to find the one who killed

For the whole story about Denise and Don, please follow me here

I now need justice.

Hi and welcome to this blog. My name is Don.
Today is November 26, 2014.
I wrote the following words December 27, 2010. (Still haven't found Justice.)

Serge, a friend, has penned a story about Stinger, his horse; he has made me realize that true stories have a tremendous power to move a reader. It is our way to tell the story; "Victims of the Family Court System Abuse."
He told me, that he watched daily, as the victims of the Court were devastated. He, an RCMP Officer went on the say, painfully, that there was nothing he could do to stop it. I am one of those victims and it has been two years of pure hell on earth. I have kept records of the court processes and of many essays that I have penned over the two years. I tried to be objective and free of sentiment; but they are filled with frustration, pain, apathy and anger. The time before the Judges isn’t more than hour or two, but the consequences span a life time.  The Judges Court Orders takes our life savings(Wealth) and gives it to others. Thoughts of the victims will be poisoned for their remaining days on earth as they now live devasted by the Family Courts.
We are the hidden victims of the 'pathological employees,' of the government and of the courts across our nation. The Lawyers pocket the money. They all show 'no evidence' of conscience or remorse.
I stay alive today, because it is my mission to get the justice we have been denied.
I now work for the justice denied us and the flag we fly reads   INN – JUSTICE.

Britain's Secret Homes

Hi and welcome to into my Home away from my secret Home. My name is Don. My sacred Home can be found at H9B1C5 on the Google map. You can see a
 picture of it here...
Use the pictures to understand what happened in my British Home in Montreal Canada.  - Don


Then watch the following stories of people and the Homes they lived in. In Britain. I'm a Canadian British citizen who lived and left his Home... un-willingly.