Friday, March 27

***** We are cyclically devastating families daily *****

[] This is one of the very first Diary/Blog words I wrote about Victims.
It now March 2015, 27. []

23/01/2010 11:19 PM
Hi Serge.
I have been very busy, moving to a new room (temporary) as well as taking my 'criminal complaint of Elders Abuse' to the RCMP in Ottawa and to the Ottawa police.

I am clearly being abused by Denise and those who are conspiring against me.  The leaders of this conspiracy are the three key lawyers involved in my personal divorce case. 
Whether I can succeed in the courts I cannot be certain of; however my situation at this point is not at its lowest.

Sleeping in my automobile in sub-zero temperatures, with no money and dimming hope was certainly lower.

My health is good and people I meet cannot believe that I am in my 77th year. Most everything is out of my thoughts and focused on survival, my relationship to the divine, my need for justice and the story boards of my journey away from Denise and my home. Life would be much more effective in this journey if it is to get me back into my own home at 6 Hazel Drive. The energy keeping me young is the Grace of the Lord.

For me, from the viewpoint of a 'systems architect' our Court Justice System is not a value adding system. It destroys too much wealth. I don't believe that it can be changed from within itself. My experience from the 70's thru the 90's with large organizations revealed that only very highly talented (unique) individuals with many integrated degrees of academic knowledge can succeed in being the 'Change Master' equal to the task of moving from an 'intolerable national problem' to one of really adding value to our national Justice systems.

We are cyclically devastating families daily and I cannot find any knowledge available to me, which shows that such a 'Change Master' has been found.

I interviewed a very successful real estate agent who said that families are not losing half their wealth, but all their wealth, to people who work in the court systems.

I see criminal conspiracy very clearly in every case I have had the opportunity to read thru. My own case I have documented in detail; differentiating and integrating into one clear story which is that you can only buy a divorce if you give up your entire wealth! I am the Change Master that can see what needs to be done!

Ayn Rand's book 'Atlas Shrugged' describes the present situation most vividly.  "We have become a society that values process over people."

The digital technology you and I have seen grow in our lifetime, has been embedded into old organizations by the people within them and these old organizational paradigms are no longer  value adding, but value destroying.
Since this essay has been flowing from its source (my mind; my ego) You are the very first person I have shared this ‘story board with.’

Good night
Don Wesley   (Copy-rights 2010)


Published on Mar 25, 2015
This is an update with MT Keshe, the Iranian plasma physicist and nuclear scientist who is now dedicated to bringing free energy to the world. This update deals with Keshe's progress with his Foundation and announcement about the new Institute for learning that he is starting in Italy. Keshe talks with me about the healing power of his technology, how it can present a force field to protect against psycho-tronic weapons and much more... The Keshe Foundation is now setting up offices around the world including one in China and California. His Plasma Physics is poised to make oil and gas unnecessary and revolutionize the way we live and travel.

Thursday, March 26

These pictures Predicted the Witch-Crafting underway

I knew it was over and my face reveals the sorrow I felt
Denise took this picture.
Together with the one below they make a book cover for a very sad story.
She had considered and weighed all; then made her decision and I felt it and prayed.
What happen: made me a victim.
She was travelling with her sister in law and her mind was set to
destroy her husband Don Wesley 1933.

Nation River Health Clinic and Dr. Vikas Bhagirath


Wednesday, March 25

My Diary/Blog - The Accident February 16-2015 - My Evidence - My Conclusion - Don Wesley

 Preface - "When I called 911 and talked to the OPP operator.. she told me, there were (2) accidents within the last hour for ....
Highway 43 at the same intersection.
No Officers were available to come to the scene.

At 23 below Zero it was too cold to wait. "

If you think my PTSD was a military One; you are in for a surprise. It was caused by a simple rear end accident in 1952. I was a tough young military Officer at the age of 18. The insurance company paid me $21,000.00, when I was 21. (1952 dollars)
I have, a Doctors letter of  testimony given to me March 23, 2015.  

This is being written with great care for the Court Appearance March 31 at 9:00 AM in Cornwall, Ontario.
1) The accident happened on the 16th between 0.15 and 1:00 [past midnight] 
2) The location is between 0.1 and 0.2 kilometers west of Queen Street & Highway 43; a controlled intersection.
3) My car was travelling west on Highway 43. My direction and speed was a velocity of 60 kl/hour and still accelerating.
4) It takes 60 meters to stop a car travelling in the same direction when its speed is 80 kl/hour. This driver, had to be driving only 65 kl/hour. The damage was done by 5 kl/hour vector (difference) at 20 degrees south of west.
?) What didn't prevent the vehicle from hitting my rear bumper: The driver had to slow down or perhaps stop. In less than five seconds I suddenly saw lights behind in the rear mirror, and realized this driver wasn't going to pass on the left.... but was going to drive me off the road. This was the murder I was expecting for years.
The damage on my bumper and velocity vectors I saw told me this is the most likely real explanation. This guy had a need to kill: A deranged mind.

5) At the controlled intersection s/he was not visible at even 750 meters on Highway 43. On Queen Street maybe 300 meters with the lights off.
6) I was still at Home on 61 College Street at 0:11.
7) The real and only accident that did occur, has yet to be reported to my Insurance Company.
8) No police officers came to the scene of the accident; as none were available.
9) I need the real collision report from the OPP.

10) Don Wesley..... (Never caused one accident in 65 years of safe driving) Habits are very good evidence to trust.
11) S/He left the scene; what was s/he hiding!
12) After waiting at Tim Hortons, I returned to the accident scene and did my forensic thinking and work.