Monday, September 26

Fall of English Montreal (1993)

Denise wrote me this letter. She told a neighbour, but not me: She didn't want to move to New York.

The Second Page of the above Letter


Steven closer to 7

Don working in New York

People elected Me to Stay - The School Commission  was both French And English.

The Discussions were Vicious

For one year and more I traveled to New York to work for more American Bucks.

Having Married a Wise French Girl: No one would get me to Move away to Ontario.

The Rise and Fall of English Montreal (1993)

Montreal by Night - 1947

I was Born in Montreal: On Hochelaga Street - April 17, 1933.

Montreal by Night - 1947 National Film Board  Documentary

Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again

Let's Twist Again - Tutorial

I Miss Dancing

Our Children didn't ever Dance ?

They didn't know until they were older; how much their parents loved to Dance.

Boogie Woogie & Swing Dancing

I sold this Cabin Cruiser and bought the House you see Below.

For Forty Years we loved to Dance.

My Sister From Boston, came to our Marriage

Some of the Best Boogie Woogie
and; Swing Dancing

I met, asked for a dance with a Young Woman:
One Summer Day:
In the Mountains North of
A Year Later We Married.

Denise (On the left)  The girl who made a Sacred Pledge to stay with Me for Ever.

The House and Home I molded into a Family Home.

Richard Feynman Blew Our Minds

Feynman mentions "common features"
I used the Uncommon features that came to me in my dreams

10 Times