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Empathy ..... is a Verb

Published on Jun 21, 2016
Educational psychologist and author, Michele Borba, shares her decade-long journey to discover how to optimize human potential.

Surprisingly, it was children from Canada to Rwanda who offered the three best ideas to cultivate empathy.

The best news: if applying those simple strategies together we can revolutionize society and build the best investment for our future: human capital.

Michele Borba, Ed.D. is an internationally renowned educator, award-winning author, and parenting, child and bullying expert recognized for her solution-based strategies to strengthen children’s empathy and social-emotional intelligence and character, and reduce peer cruelty.

A sought-after motivational speaker, she has presented keynotes throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific and served as a consultant to hundreds of schools and corporations including the Pentagon and 18 US Army bases in Europe and the Asian-Pacific.

Her proposal: “Ending School Violence and Bullying” (SB1667) was signed into California law in 2002. She offers realistic, research-based advice culled from a career of working with over one million parents and educators worldwide.

She is the author of 24 books, including UNSELFIE: Surprising Role of Empathy to Predict Children’s Happiness and Success (Simon & Schuster, 2016).

Michele Borba

"Arrivederci Roma"

English: "Goodbye, Rome"

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Miracles of Moving Heavy Objects in the Past Revealed

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The Harmful Effects of Vitamin A Overdosing.

Published on Oct 7, 2012
From the Tv show, Catalyst, showing the link between large doses of vitamin A and osteoporosis.

One point not covered in the video I had to look up is this: 1x1000mg fish oil tablet contains 300mcg of vitamin A.

The Harmful Effects of Vitamin A Overdosing.

Other good sources of Omega 3 fatty acids without the high levels of vitamin A include kiwi fruit, and both flax and chia seeds.